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Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

March 5th, 2011 No comments

Author: Jao Sming


First off, thank you to tee-pane for bringing this up, and big thanks to DYosua at mvpmods for his MLB 2k9 tutorial.

So, go here, read this, copy it for later use, you need this.

So the first thing you’ll need to know is this.

3:12? ?? ? 6:43? ?? ? 10:17? ?13:50? ?16:34? ?19:54? ?24:58? ?29:35? ?31:36? ?35:32? ?39:35? ?42:14? ?45:45? ?48:44? ?52:40? ?55:36? ?1:00:04? ?1:04:05? ?1:08:04? ?1:10:57? ?1:14:03? ?1:17:09? ?1:21:14? ?1:24:47? ?1:28:16

Those are the intervals of the file where one song ends, and the next song begins.

The soundtrack isn’t like Live’s with a different file for each song. Instead think of the 2k soundtrack being 1 big mp3 file that is ~90 minutes long.

So the next step is to figure out what songs you want to replace. I did NOT figure out which song is which in the file.

In order, these are the song lengths in order.

3:12? ?? ?3:31? ?? ? 3:34? ?? ? 3:33? ?? ? 2:44? ?? ? 3:20? ?? ? 5:04? ?? ? 4:37? ?? ? 2:01? ?? ? 3:56? ?? ? 4:03? ?? ? 2:39? ? ? ?3:31? ?? ? 2:59? ?? ? 3:56? ?? ? 2:56? ? ? ?? 4:28? ?? ?4:01? ?? ?3:59? ?? ?2:53? ?? ?3:06? ?? ?3:06? ?? ?4:05? ?? ?3:33? ?? ?3:29

I went through my media player and chose the following songs, in order, to replace.

1 – Future Sound – J5

2 – Gorillas – Army of Pharaohs (Live 07)

3 – Deep End – Swollen Members (Live 2002)

4 – It’s Going Down – X Ecutioners & Linkin Park

5 – Bleed It Out – Linkin Park

6 – Dedication – Ostrich Head

7 – Return of Crooklyn Dodge – Jeru the Damaja

8 – Carolina Pride – Nomb (Live 06)

9 – Song 2 – Blur

10 – Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix) – House of Pain (Street vol 3)

11 – Raise Up – Petey Pablo

12 – Gimme Some Mo – Busta Rhymes

13 – This or That – Black Sheep

14 – Game Time – Tony Parker (Hidden Live 08 Track)

15 – Sun City – Ostrich Head

16 – The Way I Are – Timbaland (Live 08)

17 – OPP – Naughty by Nature

18 – Not In My House – Nelly (Street vol 2)

19 – God Of Rap – Afu-Ra (Live 06, 2k7?)

20 – Hey Bitty – Nitty (Street vol 3)

21 – It’s In the Game – Fabulous (Live 2003)

22 – Just to get a Rep – Gang Starr

23 – Ground Zero – MOP (NFL Street 2)

24 – Over Now – Ostrich Head

25 – It’s in Da Game – Murphy Lee (Live 2005)

OK, so now that you have Adobe Audition 3 Trial or paid full version and the songs you want to replace, now it’s time to get replacing.

First thing you want to do is click “Multi Track” i the upper left side of the program.

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

Then click File… and then Import

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

Navigate to your NBA 2k9 files folder (not the saves folder), change the file type to PCM Raw Data, and select your jukeboxmusic.bin file. Make a backup just in case.

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

Then you want to apply these settings for importing

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

After it imports you will want to switch over to Edit Mode from MultiTrack mode.

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

Then, if you are replacing all of your songs, on the left, double click Amplify, and it all the way down to -96Db. This will mute the entire file. If you want to mute just a certain song use the above offsets, and type them into the Selection/View tabs on the bottom left.

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

So to import a song type in the offset. Then goto Edit Menu… Mix Paste…

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

Then make sure you switch over to MP3 file types, and make sure you have it set to Overlap (Mix)

Custom Soundtrack Picture Tutorial for NBA 2K9

After that it will convert and import the song. Play it to make sure and continue importing as needed. At the end of it just save and that is it.

Hopefully before 2k10 we can find a free program that does this.

Need Free and Craked Adobe Audition 3 Version?

Here comes the link:

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How To: Change Court Colors and Reflections

February 9th, 2011 No comments



Download Edit Pad Pro, open it up. At the top click Search, and then Show Search Panel. It will pop up at the bottom. In the top box copy and paste this FFFFFFFF000000000000000000000000

and then find first………….ITS SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS – everything below that highlighted area is the entire court

How To: Change Court Colors and Reflections

Read More:

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How to Dunk in NBA 2K9(Video Tutorial)

January 22nd, 2011 No comments

Q stands for  UP SHOT

W stands for  DOWN SHOT

E stands for  LEFT SHOT

R stands for  RIGHT SHOT


If you see two letters,press the first key, then the second

Watch the video:

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NBA 2K10 Cyber Faces Converter Released!

January 6th, 2011 No comments





You can download my Cyber Faces Converter for NBA 2K10!!!! You will be able to Import / Export Faces Textures and 3D taking advantage of Blender technology. Cyber Faces Converter was already released for NBA 2K9 ( check out news here ) Click on read more to get the link and check out the video tutorial.


CFC only works with uncompressed iff files, you can uncompressed the files with CFC if you need it      

Instructions to Import\Export in Blender :

-To import a cff file to Blender:

-Go to File Menu\Import\ImportCff and select the .cff file


-To export the blender face to cff file:

-??VERY IMPORTANT!!:Before export the face you have to select it(right mouse?s button over it), if you don?t do it will be an error on exporting action.

-Then select the name of the new cff or overwrite an existing one.

-You can edit face and hair at the same time making a link to scene, but when you want to export them to cff

you have to export each one from a scene where it was alone,

Exporting and Importing textures

-Exporting textures only works with uncompressed iff files

-Check the status-bar of the textures window to see the kind of texture you seeing

-To import a texture it must be the same format that you see in the status-bar

-BMP textures must be 32 bits depth, and you don?t need to create them with mipmaps

-DDS textures must be the same compression and must has 8 mipmaps

-I recommend you export textures with the same format that you see in the


-If you can?t load BMP textures into blender, export it as PNG 

Here’s the most important Blender Control?s:

* Rotate 3D: Hold Alt and use left mouse to rotate or central mouse

* Move through UV image editor ( UV map ): Hold alt and use left mouse or central mouse

* Select all / Deselect points: A

* View selected points:  Num pad .

* Select Points ( 3d or UV )    ?????VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!  ALWAYS SELECT POINTS IN WIREFRAME MODE(or the point Press B and use left mouse  wil be duplicated when you move it and the exporting action will crash)

*Zoom in/out: Mouse wheel

In players with no hair?s 3d part if you see the hair transparent in blender i recommend you save the face texture as png  and then load it into blender


This software is distributed "as is". We hold harmless of any possible misconfiguration or error this program may cause in your computer.

Copyright ? 1999-2009

ModdingWay Staff

Download here:


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NBA 2K9 Startup Making Tutorial

December 29th, 2010 No comments


MD5: 3D9256B0DEDD9B467931CDFE73FE07C8

Download Links:

Via  SendSpace  |  FileFactory  |  Easy-Share

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