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NBA Players On Twitter

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From:Hooped Up

Here is a list of NBA Players who use twitter. Don?t forget to follow us. @NBA2K

Boston Celtics
Leon Powe – @LeonPowe
Paul Pierce – @PaulPierce34
Stephon Marbury – @StarburyMarbury

Dallas Mavericks
Mark Cuban – @Mark_Cuban / @mcuban

Indiana Pacers
Troy Murphy – @Troy_murphy
Danny Granger -? @dgranger33

Los Angeles Clippers
Baron Davis – @Baron_Davis

Los Angeles Lakers
Derek Fisher – @derekfisher
Kobe Bryant – @bryant24
Sasha Vujacic – @SashaVujacic
Lamar Odom – @RealLamarOdom

Milwaukee Bucks
Charlie Villanueva – @CV31
Andrew Bogut -? @AndrewMBogut
Joe Alexander – @SeeJoeDunk

Minnesota Timberwolves
Brian Cardinal – @Cardinal_Brian
Mark Madsen – @madsen_mark
Mike Miller – @m33m
Randy Foye – @randyfoye

New Orleans Hornets
Chris Paul – @CCPP33
Tyson Chandler – @tysonchandler

New York Knicks
Nate Robinson – @nategreat
Quentin Richardson -@qrich
Wilson Chandler – @Will_Chandler

Orlando Magic
Dwight Howard – @dwight_howard

Phoenix Suns
Jason Richardson – @jrich23
Steve Nash – @the_real_nash
Shaquille O?Neal – @THE_REAL_SHAQ
Alvin Gentry – @AlvinGentry

Portland Trailblazers
Jerryd Bayless – @JBay4

Sacramento Kings
Donte Greene – @DonteGreene
Jason Thompson – @jtthekid
Rashad McCants – @DrManhattan1

San Antonio Spurs
Bruce Bowen – @Bowen12
Fabricio Oberto – @obricio7
Michael Finley – @Da_Finster

Toronto Raptors
Chris Bosh – @chrisbosh

Utah Jazz
Kyle Korver – @KyleKorver

Free Agents / International Players / Retired Players and Other
Josh Childress – @JChillin
Jalen Rose – @jalenrose
Marcus Williams – @mw1ll
Rod Benson – @boomtho

NBA 2K Downloads Center

Official – @NBA2K

Showfom – @Showfom

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1998 Chicago Bulls Shoes Patches for NBA 2K11

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1998 Chicago Bulls Shoes Patches for NBA 2K11

1998 Chicago Bulls Shoes Patches for NBA 2K11

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Team Pilipinas(Some Asia Teams) for NBA2k9

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nba2k92009-03-2216-16-07-04_conew1 nba2k92009-03-2215-35-13-53_conew1 nba2k92009-03-2215-35-29-56_conew1 nba2k92009-03-2215-54-47-82_conew1 nba2k92009-03-2216-10-55-56_conew1       nba2k92009-03-2216-13-42-50_conew1

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NBA 2K Online Test

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Official Website:

And it is beta version, I?ll post more information about NBA 2K Online these days

NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online

NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online NBA 2K Online

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NBA 2K11: What Needs to Stay

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Author:Dustin Toms


People always enjoy knocking a game. They love complaining about it, they love criticizing it, and they love giving their opinion on it (OS is in the midst of an ongoing feature like this right now).

But do people praise games often enough? It never seems to be what should stay the same but rather what should change. Regardless, here is what should not change in NBA 2K11.

1. Custom Music

For those of you who do not use this feature, you are missing out. You are not losing anything by not using it, but if you do use it, you will gain so much. Any game can put itself in a win-win situation as long as the word custom is somewhere to be found. This year, 2K added the custom music option — only for Xbox 360 owners — to allow gamers to play their favorite songs or the actual songs at each arena in the game.

The feature adds another angle of realism, which is what all sports gamers are dying to have. If you have not used this feature yet, or do not know how to use it, visit these two threads on the OS forums.

2. Rookie Ratings

I was half tempted to put all ratings on here, but a few players pre-NBA Today were just bogus (Amar?e Stoudemire only an 82?). Either way, the rookies were spot on. Seeing all those big-time rookies sitting in the 60s or barely at 70 overall made me smile. Too many times have people traded away stars for rookies with high potential, only to reap the benefit of a rookie starting five just one year later.

Sure, Blake Griffin came in at a 76, but nobody can blame the developers for that one. James Harden also hopped into the video game world with a 76, which some people might argue — but also might forget that he was considered the most complete player in the draft. Tyreke Evans was a 71 out of the gate, which pissed a lot of people off, but he is a rookie. Rookies should not be assumed to be good enough to start right away, and 2K gets that.

3. NBA Today

Continuing off of the rookie ratings and Evans? low 71 overall rating, let me talk a bit about NBA Today (NT). Fans can now start their Kings franchise with a nicely polished, 80-rated Evans thanks to NT. NT freshens up 2K on a daily basis. Though ratings do not change drastically over one day, they have certainly changed a great deal during the entirety of the season. We have seen huge jumps to huge drops, but they have all made the game more enjoyable.

Taj Gibson, Darren Collison and Omri Casspi have all reaped the benefits of NT the most, each improving their overall rating by 15 points. On the other hand, Devin Harris and Kevin Garnett have taken the largest hits, dropping eight and 10 points respectively.

And do not forget the commentary. How often do you see threads screaming for the death of the lackluster commentary? With Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg giving us new commentary often, the game does not feel as stale as it has in the past.

4. My Player

I know there is next to no chance that this game mode is not in the game next year, but what I am getting at here is that I hope 2K does not turn My Player into Madden?s superstar mode.

My Player, just like any other solo career mode, has more potential then an 18-year-old LeBron James. Yes, there are kinks to work out, but at least try to work them out. This mode is fun, it is addictive and it adds yet another sense of realism when you get stuck in the D-League.

5. Custom Draft Classes

Unlike other OS’ers, I do not feel this is a guarantee to stay next year. To my surprise, many people have had issues with this feature. But this feature has brought back association mode for me. I hated playing NBA 2K9 and finishing a season because it felt like the end of the game. With the custom draft classes being shareable (thank you 2K Share), association mode has been revived.

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NBA 2K10 Modding Tool

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Almost the same as NBA 2K9 Headshape Modding 3D Tool , if you are interested , just try it. It?s for NBA 2K10

(The author doesn’t have enough time so he just gave me these files for learning the program…)

Author: zsword


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