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The Truth of the IFF Editor

March 26th, 2011 No comments

All Right.I hope you can forget the things happened ever.

I mean, I stop quarrelling with JaoSming now..

And listen to me, 3DM just wants to recode the tool and when they finish it, I’ll release it in this site as soon as possible.

So if you love NBA 2K9, if you love making patches,you can choose to wait.

If you just want to join us, join NBA-2K.COM , be a member of our team. Please contact me , and you can get the tools first.

Good luck and it’s morning now . I haven’t slept ….So I’ll go to bed. Have a good night.

Sorry for my bad English. I believe the Internet is always friendly.

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NBA 2K9 Headshape Modding 3D Tool

March 15th, 2011 No comments



Yes, you can use 3ds Max 9 to edit the headshape modz !

Cool , thanks zsword to make so great tool!


Translated by Showfom.


Sorry for my bad English, because I?ve never used 3DS MAX,so I don?t know how to use it, I just translate it. Make and research it by yourself.





File format:
.n2kf the subfiles of nba 2k9 iff files.
.n2km the exported files of moddings.

put into Autodesk\3ds Max 9\Scripts\Startup. Right click on the blank of the toolbar. Choose Custom  /  NBA2K-MODEL.  Left click and drag Edit_N2KM to the blank of the toolbar.A button "Edit_N2KM" will appear.


Download Links & more information:










Download Links:

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Hidden playas with IFFs.LIST with IDs

March 9th, 2011 No comments



Here’s the list of players who have their IFF (headshape cf and portrait),thanx for people who helped. Hope you will continue to help me finish the list.
Here’s what I’ve found so far:


036 Chris webber
064 – Bob Sura
068 – Darvin Ham
087 ?
097 – Rick Brunson
205- Nick Van Exel
270 – Dale Davis
274 – Jalen Rose
296 – Doug Christie
326 – Gary Payton
350 – Sam Casell
384 – Aaron Mckie
386 – Clifford Robinson
412 – Keith Van Horn
420 – Danny Fortson
424 – Maurice Taylor
425 – Kelvin Cato
457 – Aaron Williams
467 – Alvin Williams
468 – J-Will
477 – Terry Cummings
533 – Troy Hudson
556 Scott Padgett
594 – Jumaine Jones
622 – Shammond Williams
651 – Mamadou Ndiaye
672 – Jake Tsakalidis
756 – Jerry West
804 – Eddie Griffin
817 – Loren Woods
829 – Milt Palacio
841 – Zeljko Rebraca
882 – Slava Medvedenko
886 – Primoz Brezec
891 – Earl Boykins
905 – Nikoloz Tskitishvili
906 – Dajuan Wagner
915 – Bostjan Nachbar
921 – Qyntel Woods
928 – Dikau
947 – Penny Hardaway (Younger)
958 – Gary Payton 90’s
981 – Gordan Giricek
1099 – Drazen Petrovic
1097 – Kareem Abdul Jabbar 70’s
1091 – Carlos Arroyo
1042 – Maciej Lampe (Poland)
1038 – Ndudi Ebi
1034 – Zoran Planinic
1029 – Zarko Cabarkapa
1100 – Older Kareem 80’s
1103 – Young Mutombo 90’s
1147 – Zendon Hamilton
1155 – Josh Childress (Olympiacos)
1157 – Rafael Araujo
1170 – Pavel Podkolzin
1172 – Sergei Monia
1182 – Young Webber
1187 – Nenad Krstic
1190 – Legend (dunno who) Image
1209 – Carlos Delfino
1211 – Paul Shirley
1214 – Juwan Howard 90’s
1240 – Celebrity (musician?)
1244 – Legend (dunno who) Image
1245 – Arvydas Sabonis
1267 – Yaroslav Korolev
1294 – Chris Taft
1298 – Sarunas Jasikevicius
1312 – Antonio Burks
1316 – Earl Barron
1319 – Pape Sow
1322 – Allen Iverson 90’s
1365 – Legend? (dunno who) Image
1366 – Legend? (dunno who) Image
1283 – Mile Ilic
1385 – Jorge Garbajosa
1397 – Legend? (dunno who) Image
1398 – Legend (dunno who)Image
1399 – Legend (dunno who) Image
1401 – Legend? Image
1439 – Petteri Koponen
1456 – Q-tip
1457 – Celebrity? Image
1459 – Bobito (commentator guy from dunk contest)
1461 – Juan Carlos Navarro
1466 – Arvydas Macijauskas
I’ll keep updating the list, but I’ll need help with recognizing player, thanx (Y)
There?re about 1k players to check. Believe me it doesn’t take long with FlyingFinn’s new editor, big thanx FF (Y)
It takes about 15 to 20 mins to check 100 players, unfortunately do to lack of time I won’t be able to do it faster.Patience…
Here is how I manage to find hidden player who have their own IFF file (portrait and c-face):
FIRST OF ALL BIG THAX goes to FlyingFinn for the editor.(
Here is how you do it:
1. Open FlyingFinn Editor
2. Open you nba 2k game folder (with all the IFF files)
3. Find the first png001.IFF (the very first png.iff)
4. Now go to the editor again and press twice on any of the players (don’t choose a CAP,choose normal nba player)
5. You see the player’s ID (Photo,PBP,and ???). Change the player’s ID where it says PHOTO to 1 (=png001.iff)
6. Now you press "Browse"Imagebutton where you have PHOTO(in the editor) and you’ll see a table like this pop up:
7. This mean that the png001.IFF file has no corresponding nba player in the roster file, that means that the player is hidden. In other words
player’s IFF is in your folder but he is not present in you roster.
Now if you wnat to see who is there in that png001.iff, you simply change the ID of any player you want to 1 (with FlyingFinn editor), save and launch the game. For example, I take SAMUEL DELAMPERT, open his info and change his ID from 826 to 1. I press OK, then SAVE. Then simply go to tha game load the roster file you have just edited and check, in this case, SAMUEL DELAMPERT. You will see a new player, a hidden one.
NOTE, you check only these IDs, which are in your nba folder.
For example if in step 5 you’ll change player’s ID to 2 (=png002.iff), you will see that there is no such IFF file in you nba directory, which means, that there won’t be a player with a headshape, there could be only his portrait (usually these are legends).
So check only THE IFFs which are in you game folder, that is why you have to keep your game folder opened. Unless you’re curious, who are these players without iffs.

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NBA 2K10 Portraits & Logos Editor Announced

March 4th, 2011 No comments

From: Moddingway

Master jor1980 and another amazing tool for NBA 2K10. This tool allows you to edit potraits, logos, mini jerseys. This application helps you to opens the iff/cdf pairs that you won?t be able to edit until now. Check out the screenshots. This tool will be available during this week!


NBA 2K10 Portraits & Logos Editor Announced NBA 2K10 Portraits & Logos Editor Announced NBA 2K10 Portraits & Logos Editor Announced NBA 2K10 Portraits & Logos Editor Announced
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IFF CDF Studio for NBA 2K10 Released

March 3rd, 2011 No comments

From :

This is IFF CDF Studio for NBA 2K10 and you can get it from ModdingWay Download Zone. This program allows you to edit iff/cdf pairs of files that contains textures. It has been tested with portraits.iff/.cdf logos_large.iff/.cdf, logos_medium.iff/cdf, and logos_small.iff/.cdf. Click on read more for download link, tutorial and screenshots.

IFF CDF Studio for NBA 2K10 Released


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IFF Editor Beta8

February 23rd, 2011 No comments

Download link:

Waiting , I’ll release it in the near future….not at this time.


1. 3DM cracked the iff files for us and we need to thanks them,so if you are willing,you can add Thanks 3DM in your posts of the patches.

2. We bought the copyrights of this tool, so now it is free to you all.But…I just want to say that if you make patches with our tool, I can post our patches in our site NBA-2K.COM without permission.By the way, I’ll add the author infomation.

3.Tha’t all.Thank you for your support and maybe I’ll leave the Internet for some time because the thing happened befor really made me sad.

I’m so disappointed now.Please comprehend me.


If you want to join us please click the Register and contact me ,then you will be an author of our site and you can post your patches here.


NBA 2K9 belongs to 2K Sports and you players,not only belongs to us. If you like this game, please buy it and we expect NBA 2K10 will be in PC.


IFF Editor video tutorial(rename it as .wmv)

there’s a .exe version:

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MLB Thingy

February 21st, 2011 No comments

From EA-Mods


What it does:

    It installs textures into iff files

    It installs *.ROS files

    It converts images to DDS

Files it will accepts:

Main App:

    .rar compressed archive (Winrar)

    .zip compressed archive (pkzip)

    .7z compressed archive (7zip)

    .kraw MLB-Thingy script file

    .DDS A DDS image (special name format needed)

    .ROS MLB 2k9 roster file

Helper App:

    .tga TARGA File Format

    .bmp bitmap File Format

    .png Portable Network Graphics


You do not need NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9, Which means you do not have to agree to allow your mods to be posted on a warez site

NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9 fubars some iff files*

You do not have to release a whole iff file for a mod:

    This will save bandwidth on downloads

    Your mod will only update what you modded, with a complete IFF file if a user has some mods already in that file they will lose them


    NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9 accepts PNG, BMP, & DDS files, but it converts PNG & BMP files (100% of the time) to a DDS file before adds it to the iff file (it also reconverts DDS files close to %50 of the time for some reason)

    DDS file converted by NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9 are not good quality DDS files, nvdxt.exe does they best job I’ve seen at creating DDS files


You have to know the offset for the DDS

You have to be able to create your own DDS files (use built in helper App)

You have to use MLB-Thingy


The 1st time you launch the program it will ask for the location of you MLB 2k9 install

When using a compressed archive your script file needs to be named MLB-Thingy.kraw, subfolders NOT support. DDS files and MLB-Thingy.kraw need to be in the root of the archive

MLB-Thingy Script file uses standard ini layout

sample stardard ini



sample .kraw script












SectionName is the MLB 2k9 file that will be modded

Total value is required, total number up dds files for said MLB 2k9 file

basex is the DDS file name

offsetx is the offset (look at the status bar on IFF_Editor_Beta9 it will give you the offset)

You can list as many MLB 2k9 files as you wish in the script

Each MLB 2k9 file can have any number of DDS files to be installed

The maximum supported size of an script file is 64KB. The maximum size of an individual section is 32KB, I do not think you can reach those limits

MLB-Thingy will auto decompress any IFF it needs to install a dds into.

MLB-Thingy will also accept a single DDS file as long as it follows the correct name scheme

scheme as follows


1st part uniform_tbr_away~iff, is the file the mod is to be installed with the . changed to a ~

– is required between the 1st and 2nd parts

2nd part 0x602404 is the offset where the mod needs to be installed

3rd part .dds

Progress bars, 1st one is overall the 2nd it for each MLB 2k9 file

MLB Thingy

HELPER APP included when ran in expert mode

MLB Thingy

MLB Thingy

It just converts tga, bmp, or png files to a DDS file

select DXT1 or DXT5 and how many mipmaps you want

ROSTER files

Select a .ROS file, the program will then read your registry for the “…\Application Data\2K Sports\MLB 2K9\Saves” folder and copy the .ROS file to that folder

* For example gamedata.iff, when you replace image #786 it also replaces #326 with a mipmap of #786

Getting the info you need, right now this is the easiest way (unless you are real handy with a hex editor). I will start a wiki so we can map out all IFF files, that way NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9 will not be needed in any way

Load IFF in NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9, locate image you are editing and look at the status bar

MLB Thingy

Purple is the offset, Blue is the DDS type

Download Link:

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IFF Editor Video Tutorial

February 15th, 2011 No comments

Here comes the link:

.wmv version:

via Megaupload

.exe version:

via Megaupload | FileFactory

Iff Editor Beta 9 Dowload Link:

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IFF Editor Beta9

January 23rd, 2011 No comments

You need to install .net framework 2.0 first

With this tool, you can edit the courts, current players, jerserys, shoes, nba/aba balls, startup screens and so on.

Official Disscussion Thread:


1. 3DM cracked the iff files for us and we need to thanks them,so if you are willing,you can add Thanks 3DM in your posts of the patches.

2. We bought the copyrights of this tool, so now it is free to you all.But?I just want to say that if you make patches with our tool, I can post our patches in our site NBA-2K.COM without permission. By the way, I?ll add the author infomation.

3.Tha?t all.Thank you for your support.

If you want to join us please Register( and contact me( don’t PM me) ,then you will be an author of our site and you can post your patches in our site.


NBA 2K9 belongs to 2K Sports and you players,not only belongs to us. If you like this game, please buy it and we expect NBA 2K10 will be in PC.


IFF Editor video tutorial(rename it as .wmv)


Download Links:

Via?? GamingAccess | Ziddu | FileFactory | RapidShare | Megaupload | SendSpace | FileDen | | SaveFile | FileHosting

(In order to make statistics for downloading, don’t post the direct link , please.)

If you want to post the tool to other forums, please use Thanks.


First, copy the iff file to your folder.Click it and pull it to bin.exe

Open NBA 2K9 IFF Editor.exe, then you can export the picture by clicking Save buttom.

Edit the picture, then click it and pull it to the NBA 2K9 IFF Editor.exe.

If you don’t know how to do this, please see the IFF Editor video tutorial(rename it as .wmv)


Video from Google Video

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January 22nd, 2011 No comments

This article is from

Eboedit V0.2 Download:;6601731;/fileinfo.html