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Take-Two’s 2K Games renowned production team’s basketball game “NBA 2K” series and EA’s “NBA Live” series has been the world’s most popular two basketball games, “NBA 2K” series although there is no “NBA Live” as hot straightforward, but the “NBA 2K” series, with excellent operating handle also won a lot of loyal fans.

In “NBA2K9”, the most obvious change is the player’s action is no longer just a simple stop shots and left, but joined the many players of emotional response. The main concept of the game is to allow players to operate through the meticulous precision to experience the subtleties of the game of basketball, and them to realize the charm of Basketball Tactics.

In recent years, “NBA2K” series of games has always been the most popular star alliance as a cover. Cover is a great general in 2008 Arenas, Garnett is Kevin Garnett in 2009.Developed by the 2K SPORTS sports game “NBA 2K10” announced the cover, he is the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

In the “NBA 2K10” in, 2K Sports has invited Rockets James White (James White) involved in the production, White is one of the strongest ever NBA deduction will be one of the free-throw line dunk off and the crotch of his hands is routine, because of this, 2K Games development team specifically asked him to slam dunk to make some difficult moves, White must continue to make a variety of dunks guise action by the game design team personnel will be made into a video and photographs of their, in the game design a variety of dunk action, even NBA series has not seen the game free-throw line dunk off the screen, and enhance the game entertaining.

“NBA2K11” subversion of the previous production concepts as including LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and other stars. In reality, action! Not only is the shot imitation! In the tactical 2. Mobile, dunk, attack, defense, rebounding habit of action, etc., as you see the reality of the NBA players exactly the same! The greatest game and the real world together.

On this year’s E3, 2K Sports released “NBA 2K11” of the early videos. In the video, we did not find the cover of Michael Jordan’s shadow, but there is no doubt, “NBA 2K11” than its predecessor with more visual impact. Although this is still just a demo, but it has enough to make people look forward to the.

First, the operational aspects of the game brought great changes. Producers to improve the way the decision the players dribble “IsoMotion” system. Some players felt the game had the basic moves, such as the ball turned and are difficult to achieve. Although 2K did not disclose how they will improve the game’s dribble moves, but they guarantee that they will make the majority of the “NBA 2K” series, gamers get a better operating experience.

Another big change is the appearance. 2K Sports hired a designer to give the game a special menu, description, and the overall art style was “cosmetic.” The game looks of course, “NBA 2K” series of classic appearance, but it will have some details for a more delicate craftsmanship. Currently, the game’s frame rate has exceeded last year’s “NBA 2K10”, and the visual effects will be better.

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