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March 17th, 2011 No comments

After two months of preparation, we start to launch a new site called NBA Videos and Games Center:

We believe that Internet is free and many NBA videos and games should be free to us all. For example, some HD Videos, some Basketball Movies and cracked PC Games.

NBA-2K.COM will still provide NBA 2K10 patches but no crack games or patches here. You can go to NBA.IM to download the full cracked version of NBA 2K10 here, including the Official Patches.

The web server is located in the Netherlands and supports IPV6, so it is faster to European users. Feel free to enjoy this new site.

Download Free NBA 2K10: here

Download Free NBA 2K9: here

By the way, we provide and email service for free.

Sign up Email Address:

Sign up Email Address:

If you want to join us, please contact us: nba [at]

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NBA 2K10 PC Paches Needs Help

March 10th, 2011 No comments

NBA 2K10 Post-Patch Crew/Team-Up Issue


Hey guys,
We are trying to get a better understanding of the issue here. Please share with me what is happening of the following options:

1.) The game ends with a dialog that reads “A network problem has been encountered that prevents gameplay from continuing.”

Users encounter this message when the state of the game differs between machines (e.g. one machine thinks a point was scored and another doesn’t). They’re usually triggered by the actions taken by one of the users in the match before entering gameplay, so if this category comprises your error, for now enter crew games directly from the title screen and not go anywhere else first. We can look into what is causing this instead.

2.) The game ends with a dialog that reads “Network conditions are too poor for this game to continue” or “Connection with opponent lost. Exiting game.”

These are our peer-to-peer networking error dialogs. If these show up as soon as everyone readies up in the “Game Lobby” – probably after a dialog appears that reads “Exchanging data. Please wait” – then one or more machines in the match are incapable of communicating with each other.

3.) General Lag

This latency is caused by connecting to a host that’s either laggy or you are not acting well peer-to-peer with the host. Part of the patch was to cache these broken connections so this should get better over time for those of you who play a lot.

4.) Other Error Message

Please share with us exactly what error message you are hitting. One thing I haven’t seen (which was majorly the case before the recent patch) is the Online FAQ error message. So at least that’s better for those of you who do a good job port forwarding.

Let us know. Thanks.


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Mike Wang returns to 2K Sports

March 4th, 2011 No comments


EA Sports’ media blitz for “NBA Live 10” was led front and center by their acquisition of “NBA 2K8’s” lead gameplay designer Mike Wang. But now, one year later, 2K Sports is back to announce Wang’s shocking return to the company and to the “NBA 2K” franchise after only releasing one game for the competition.

“When I went over there (to EA), a lot of it was for personal reasons. I wanted to try something new, try a new challenge. But after being there and spending some time over at EA, it was clear that they do things a different way, and in a way it’s just inefficient and just not the place to be to make the best games,” said Wang in a recent conference call with ESPN to announce his return. “When I went there, I immediately missed VC (Visual Concepts), and it’s just one of those things where I tried to stick it out as long as I could, but I wanted to come back. With some of the creative decisions over at EA, it just made it difficult to stay there. They just want to make a different game than I had a vision for. So I reached out to (2K’s senior vice president of sports development) Greg Thomas and he was gracious enough to have me back.

“For me, it was interesting to be at EA, but it was just hard to get stuff done.”

Added Greg Thomas: “He was there, he didn’t really care for it, and now he’s back where he belongs.”

Wang returns to his role as lead gameplay designer of the “NBA 2K” series, and the team is already hard at work on “NBA 2K11.”

“I don’t want to get too much into specifics for ‘2K11,’ but the focus over here has always been to make the best basketball sim,” said Wang. “That’s something that the guys over at EA, they don’t always have that same focus. They want to make a different kind of game this year.”

Thomas agrees: “Over at EA, you have so many levels of management, and you have somebody up there looking at unit sales and how 2K is kicking their asses, so now they want to change things in a great way because they can’t afford to sell this many units through a three-year plan or a five-year plan. Here, we’re always trying to do the same thing, we’re always trying to make the best basketball simulation we can.

“I think EA is going through an identity crisis with their basketball sim.”

And according to designer Erick Boenisch, EA’s identity crisis, coupled with the return of Wang, looks to tip the scales even further in 2K’s direction. “Whenever you get the opportunity to add someone like Mike, that’s what our team feeds off of and the results will be a much better NBA product,” he said. “It’s created a lot of excitement.”

“Mike coming back enables us to try and push as many new ideas as we can into the forefront,” added longtime “NBA 2K” producer Rob Jones. “This is something we always do, but having Mike just makes us better at doing it.”

In related news, 2K Sports is also set to announce that “NBA 2K10” has already sold over two million copies worldwide. “It’s fantastic,” boasted Thomas. “Off the charts.”

But Thomas sees even bigger things in store for “NBA 2K11” now that he finally has his team back together.

“I think it makes our team stronger, and already, I think you’ll see our team is, I wouldn’t say cockier, but already I’ve read some documents from these guys and I hear things like ‘Best basketball game ever.’ This team isn’t usually that way, but already, there’s a little more strut to our step.”

When reached for comment, an EA Sports spokesman told ESPN: “We appreciate Mike’s contribution to the ‘NBA Live’ franchise and wish him well in future endeavors. ‘NBA Live 11’ pre-production is well underway and the team is poised to raise the bar on quality, innovation and authenticity.”

Looks like this rivalry just got a lot more interesting.

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Some News About NBA 2K10 Official Patches

January 27th, 2011 No comments

All from @Ronnie2K


RT@domidomdomz@Ronnie2K what’s up with NBA 2k10 patch? Can u tell us that DD’s received it, please?
->They have, up to them to release.

RT@boggsout@Ronnie2K Another Nba patch coming?? Tell me more about that bro
->No. PC patch only remaining.


RT@waiior@Ronnie2K What about NBA PC patch?
->It’s with DD.out of our hands.We can’t relwase is in one place cause online compatibility


RT@phenomenas@Ronnie2K nba2K10 pc patch coming soon?
->Should do,digital distributors are lining up.Go together for online compatibility


RT@phenomenas@Ronnie2K why don’t you release nba2k10 pc patch on
->For online compatibility reasons,have to go out same time

RT@domidomdomz@Ronnie2K will PC patch take weeks for it to be distributed or just days?
->Kinda depends on the DD’s,but guess is week or so

NBA 2K10 PC Patch signed off QA,being sent off to digital distribution partners today.Release gets ever closer.


RT@TCnumba@Ronnie2K Any news on the NBA2K PC Patch?Will it ever be release?
->It will.I will see what iI can find out.

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NBA 2K10 Official Patch Notes

December 29th, 2010 No comments

Ronnie from 2K Sports has confirmed that NBA 2K10 Xbox 360 Patch has been approved by Microsoft and it should be released in the next 72 hours. Unfortunately he has also confirmed that there is no word on any PC Patch, so we start wondering if 2K Sports will really release a PC Patch.


The patch is in the submissions stage. I am sure the holidays not help clear the queue in front of us but know that the patch is submitted and it should be a matter of a couple weeks. The PC patch is still in creation but will be a combination of this and the first patch. I will update this thread with an exact release date for PS3, 360, and PC when I have more info. Thanks for your continued patience.

– When using the Living Roster, users can now play standard Quick Games with players who are injured in real life.

– The Dunk Off trophy should now be unlocking when the requirements have been achieved.

– The Upcoming Matchups and Rebounding Leaders overlays should no longer obstruct the camera during NBA Today/My Player play.

– The camera will no longer cut away to the nosebleed cam mid-free throw during NBA Today/My Player play.

– The ?On-Ball Defense? column should now properly perform ascending/descending sorts

– Further tuned the assist logic such that the CPU should be more diligent in handing out assists to players.

– Pass accuracy has been toned down for passes out of a double team, passes out of contact shots, and non-inbound full court passes.

– Addressed a rare occurrence where the referee would hold on to the ball and not pass it to the shooter during free throw shooting situations.

– CPU players are now much more selective when choosing to pass the ball while attacking the basket.

– Offensive rebounds are now much tougher to grab following missed free throws.

– When played locked, the CPU will no longer throw a full court pass following a missed shot due to the user rapidly pressing the ?Y? button for the rebound.

– Corrected an issue that was causing online NBA Today games to disconnect when a user with his/her console set to North America was playing an opponent who had their console set to Europe/Asia.

– Fixed a Team-Up divergence that occurred when users would rapidly press the ?Start? button during the loading screen.

– Addressed a crash in leagues that would occur when the league was using an out of date roster.

– Addressed a divergence in leagues that would occur when the league was using a custom roster and/or had a league size larger than 12 users.

– Fixed a rare occurrence where some users would experience a crash during the ?Connecting to Host? dialog.

– Improved connection times when attempting to connect to an opponent.

– Fixed a rare hang on the ?Closing Match? dialog that appears at the conclusion of a Team-Up game.

– Users who are currently in the Playoffs time period of their seasons will no longer be disconnected from Pick-Up games after the first made basket of the game.

– Addressed an issue where users would occasionally hang (often after winning the Finals MVP) when advancing past the end of the season.

– Found and addressed an instance where cloned players were still being created when users chose to change teams following the Summer Circuit.

– The NBA 2K Insider will no longer incorrectly tell the user he has an important decision to make when a decision doesn?t need to be made.

– Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect game results to be posted to the Standings when the user chose to participate in a drill immediately after a played game.

– Decreased steal success when playing My Player Pick-Up games.

– Addressed an issue that would cause the Finals celebration to occur after the third win of a series when the user finished that game on the bench.

– Users are now able to sign free agents during the season once the player re-signing deadline has passed.

– ?Recent Games? scores will no longer be erased when exiting from practice.

– The commentators will no longer refer to players as having scored 0 points when that is not appropriate.

– CPU teams will now trade amongst themselves during 30-team Associations when the user has automated the Player Trading task for all of the teams.

– Fixed an issue that was causing the game to report incorrect ages for 2K Share Draft Class prospects. The prospects will no longer retire after their first season in the league.

– Addressed a rare issue where players would have some of their attributes jump to 99 when they had low morale and/or were on a team with poor team chemistry.

– Addressed a case where players would not show up on the roster once they were signed by a team.

– In Season mode, users are now able to sign players from the free agent list.

– In Season mode, users are now able to trade players without needing to follow salary cap guidelines.

But , where is our PC Official Patches?

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