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NBA 2K10 PC Official Patches Released

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If the All Star Jerseys are white , just use this patch made by byczek




NBA 2010 patch v1.1

2K Sports has issued a patch for NBA 2K10, upgrading to v1.1 the PC version of this title developed by 2K Sports? Visual Concepts studio.

Change Log:

* ? Corrected a framerate issue that was causing noticeable slowdown in the paint in specific arenas.
* ? Corrected a framerate issue that was causing noticeable slowdown during NBA D-League games.
* ? Fixed an issue where Coach Settings were not properly saving to the user?s Settings file.
* ? Addressed an issue where the user would enter into a game where there would either be no crowd present or the opposing team would not appear on the court.
* ? Fixed an issue where users would get NBA Blacktop rules (no intentional fouls, no 3-in-the-key, etc.) turned on when attempting to play a Quick Game.
* ? In-game saves should now load up correctly in the Playoffs game mode.
* ? Users are now able to assign any jersey number to a player, on any team, when playing outside of The Association game mode.
* ? Games played in the NBA D-League should now have appropriate sized crowds.
* ? Fixed a slowdown issue during stoppages of play with created teams.
* ? Made a change to where the value for headband colors is stored at. These changes can now be made through Living Roster releases once the patch is released.
* ? When using the Living Roster, users can now play standard Quick Games with players who are injured in real life.
* ? The Dunk Off trophy should now be unlocking when the requirements have been achieved.
* ? The Upcoming Matchups and Rebounding Leaders overlays should no longer obstruct the camera during NBA Today/My Player play.
* ? During NBA Today/Association games, the ?Upcoming Schedule? overlay will no longer obstruct
* gameplay.
* ? Fixed an issue where the substitution overlay would sometimes briefly cover the action on the court.
* ? Blank overlays should no longer quickly appear/disappear during gameplay.
* ? The camera will no longer cut away to the nosebleed cam mid-free throw during NBA Today/My Player play.
* ? The ?On-Ball Defense? column should now properly perform ascending/descending sorts


* ? Tuned shooting percentages across the board, particularly in the paint where more shots are now initiated with contact.
* ? Addressed a rare occurrence where the referee would hold on to the ball and not pass it to the shooter during free throw shooting situations.
* ? Fixed a soft hang on an inbound where the inbounding player would miss the ball handoff from the referee.
* ? 360 Specialty Dunks can now be triggered if the player has one assigned
* ? Plays will no longer break when the user strays slightly from the intended path.
* ? Both User/CPU alley-oop success has been toned down such that only realistic attempts should now be completed.
* ? Assists should now only be credited to the passer at appropriate times.
* ? The CPU should no longer pass the ball to a teammate when the recipient has a foot out of bounds.
* ? Bad passes should be less inaccurate now. They still happen with similar frequency, but some passes can be recovered now.
* ? CPU players now have better logic behind their turbo energy management (which will keep them fresher for key moments in the game).
* ? CPU players should now be more aware of being called for 3 second violations.
* ? Defensive assist is now turned off when the ball is not in play.
* ? The dribbler should no longer teleport back a few feet on the court following a two player steal attempt.
* ? Players with unique free throw stances (ex., Paul Pierce) will no longer slide into position to shoot the free throw.
* ? Point Guards should no longer end up out of bounds during baseline inbounds coming out of a timeout or dead ball.
* ? Fixed a case where the PG would run in a circle (in anticipation of receiving the ball) in the backcourt during transitions.
* ? Players should no longer get stuck in the post in a single player hold-ball animation (often leading to a 24-second violation) when trying to drive to the basket.
* ? Fixed an issue where the user was unable to give certain players their player-specific animation packages.
* ? Fixed an issue with a baseline layup where opposing defenders weren?t able to create contact when the animation played out.
* ? Addressed a specific dunk animation that would sometimes not result in a made basket despite a successful dunk.
* ? The user should now notice more over-the-back calls on rebounds when the boxed out player attempts a rebound.
* ? Improvements to the ?walk the dog? inbounds play including increased velocity on the inbound.
* ? Pass accuracy has been toned down for passes out of a double team, passes out of contact shots, and non-inbound full court passes.
* ? Only 1 timeout is deducted from the total when the CPU calls a timeout for the user.
* ? CPU players are now much more selective when choosing to pass the ball while attacking the basket.
* ? Offensive rebounds are now much tougher to grab following missed free throws.
* -Corrected a bigman layup animation that often resulted in an airball.
* ? When played locked, the CPU will no longer throw a full court pass following a missed shot due to the user rapidly pressing the ?Y? button for the rebound.
* ? A good number of other changes aimed towards increasing user satisfaction have also been made in this release. These will be apparent as you play the game (ex. The referee will now utilize a bounce pass rather than a chest pass when passing the ball to the shooter during free throw situations, plays will now start quicker when the user manually calls a play, etc.).


* ? Improved performance and stability for all online game types.
* ? Corrected an issue in Team-Up play where all players would sometimes see the same player (PG) listed in all substitution slots.
* ? Removed the spotlights for online play only to improve performance during stoppages of play.
* ? Corrected an issue with the My Player Pick-Up games that would sometimes cause games to diverge upon initiation.
* ? Fixed an issue where online Association games would diverge at halftime if neither user skipped through the presentation sequence.
* ? Fixed a hang that would sometimes occur when making substitutions during an online Association game.
* ? Fatigue should now behave as expected during private Team-Up games.
* ? Fixed a hang in Who?s Online that would occur when the user scrolled quickly with a large number of friends on the list.
* ? Fixed an issue with the Screenshot Upload feature that would sometimes upload an incorrect screenshot.
* ? Fixed an issue where a user?s consecutive win streak would get reset to zero if the user won a game where his/her opponent quit out of the active game.
* ? Fixed an issue in private matches with friends where all users would disconnect when attempting to play a second game.
* ? Fixed an issue where games in online leagues would diverge if users made changes to the default roster.
* ? Addressed an issue where completed ranked games would sometimes not report the results to the server.
* ? Fixed a Team-Up divergence that occurred when users would rapidly press the ?Start? button during the loading screen.
* ? Addressed a crash in leagues that would occur when the league was using an out of date roster.
* ? Addressed a divergence in leagues that would occur when the league was using a custom roster and/or had a league size larger than 12 users.
* ? Fixed a rare occurrence where some users would experience a crash during the ?Connecting to Host? dialog.
* ? Improved connection times when attempting to connect to an opponent.
* ? Fixed a rare hang on the ?Closing Match? dialog that appears at the conclusion of a Team-Up game.


* ? Fixed an issue that would cause a clone of the user?s player to be created when changing teams at the end of the Summer Circuit.
* ? Addressed an issue where users would occasionally hang (often after winning the Finals MVP) when advancing past the end of the season.
* ? The logic that determines whether or not you get an invite to Training Camp, make the NBA team, and get an invite from an NBA team while in the NBA D-League have all been changed to be a little more forgiving.
* ? Resolved an issue where the 2K Insider was not informing the user of his/her contract status at the conclusion of a 10-day contract.
* ? The user?s ?Drills Remaining? value will now be properly saved as new drills are accumulated throughout the NBA/D-League season.
* ? Users who are currently in the Playoffs time period of their seasons will no longer be disconnected from Pick-Up games after the first made basket of the game.
* ? The NBA 2K Insider will no longer incorrectly tell the user he has an important decision to make when a decision doesn?t need to be made.
* ? Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect game results to be posted to the Standings when the user chose to participate in a drill immediately after a played game.
* ? Tuned the substitution logic such that users should no longer be substituted out only to be substituted in at the next dead ball.
* ? Decreased steal success when playing My Player Pick-Up games.
* ? Addressed an issue that would cause the Finals celebration to occur after the third win of a series when the user finished that game on the bench.
* ? Animation packages will no longer be reset to the ?best? package every time a corresponding attribute is upgraded.


* ? Users are now able to sign free agents during the season once the player re-signing deadline has passed.
* ? Fixed an issue where player ratings would drop upon the successful completion of a Development Drill.
* ? Fixed an issue where the number of players the user had sent down to their D-League affiliate wasn?t getting reset despite recalling players back to their NBA team.
* ? ?Recent Games? scores will no longer be erased when exiting from practice.
* ? The commentators will no longer refer to players as having scored 0 points when that is not appropriate.
* ? Fixed an issue where draft classes loaded in future years would change the age of the prospects inside the draft class. They should now have the same age they were created with.
* ? CPU teams will now trade amongst themselves during 30-team Associations when the user has automated the Player Trading task for all of the teams.
* ? Addressed a case where players would not show up on the roster once they were signed by a team.
* ? The ability for the user to upload their Association stats/standings to the blog interface on 2KSports.com has been added.
* ? Tuned the Player Progression system such that Shot Tendencies will progress/regress over a player?s career. Additionally, general Player Progression/Regression has been slightly increased as well.
* ? 10-day contracts should now work in year 2 and beyond.
* ? Lower rated players should now be more accepting of the ?Role Player? role.
* ? Stats accumulated during NBA D-League games will no longer register as Season/Career Highs for players.
* ? Corrected an issue where users were able to continue drafting players once the NBA Draft had ended.
* ? Users should no longer have an obstructed view of the court when performing Development Drills.
* ? Users should no longer be able to see the overall rating of players during the NBA Draft.
* ? Corrected an issue where backloaded contracts were getting incorrectly multiplied in the latter years of the contract.
* ? In Season mode, users are now able to sign players from the free agent list.
* ? In Season mode, users are now able to trade players without needing to follow salary cap guidelines.

NBA 2K10 is expected to deliver the most realistic, stylistic, and feature-rich simulation experience ever available in the NBA 2K franchise ? from gameplay to graphics, presentation and online features.

NBA 2K10 raises the bar this season with the most realistic, stylistic, and feature-rich simulation experience ever available in the NBA 2K franchise ? from gameplay to graphics, presentation and online features. Giving fans what they have long requested, the all-new My Player career mode allows fans to create their own ultimate NBA player and guide his every career move. NBA Today offers real world matchups, news and stats automatically streamed right into the game, along with keeping commentary and overlays fresh and up to date based on what is really happening in the NBA.

NBA 2K10 raises the bar for authenticity this year with groundbreaking new features:

* NBA Today: Real world matchups, news and stats automatically stream right into the game. NBA Today keeps commentary and overlays fresh and up to date based on what is really happening in the NBA.
* My Player: Giving fans what they have long requested, the all-new My Player career mode allows fans to create their own ultimate NBA player and guide his every career move. Players start as an undrafted rookie in the Summer Circuit, and if their skills become advanced enough, they may get an invite to participate in an NBA team?s training camp or end up in the NBA Development League. The road to being an NBA star is a long and hard battle, and each player has the opportunity to create their own unique experience making it to the league.
* The Association: The Association strives to be the best franchise mode in sports video games. Full incorporation of the NBA Development League and the ability to control all 30 NBA teams at once, including restricted free agency, real-time practice, an all-new player progression system, and a host of other enhancements gives NBA 2K10 players the tools to rule the court and lead their team to victory.
* Crews: Crews, a new online feature, allows dedicated online players to round up their friends and build the ultimate squad using either created players from My Player or an actual NBA team. Players can go online and battle other Crews for bragging rights and progression points as they try to climb their way to the top of the Crew leaderboard rankings.
* Signature Play: Signature Play pulls together all of NBA 2K?s player Signature Styles and adds in all-new Signature Tendencies and facial expressions, creating NBA 2K10 teams that play and react like their real life counterparts for an unbelievably realistic NBA experience. Improved easy-to-use offensive controls for dribbling and post game let players pull off ankle breaking IsoMotionTM moves and dominate from the perimeter to the paint. Gamers can shut down teams like never before with innovative defensive controls that allow you to shadow your opponent?s every move, deny position off-ball, and even select different approaches to contest shots.

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