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NBA 2K10 Playoffs Rosters Released

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NBA 2K10 Playoffs Rosters Released

NBA 2K10 Playoffs Rosters Released

NBA 2K10 Playoffs Rosters Released

NBA 2K10 Playoffs Rosters Released

NBA 2K10 Playoffs Rosters Released

NBA 2K10 Playoffs Rosters Released

Here’s the FAQ:
1. Based on newest official 2k roster
2. Includes V1: healthy roster, V2: current injuries, V3: start of the season injuries.
3. New additional file ‘Missing CFs’ (For D-league players)
4. Jersey’s pack included (all jerseys + latin nights + st. patricks + hardwood classics – collected by Skyline)

What’s new:

1. Fixed layup, dunk signatures for star players (available since patch)

2. Updated realistic players ratings, remade rotations.

3. Fixed coach profiles

4. Added bunch of new players (D-Leaguers)
Here’s the list (‘cf’ means it includes cyberface, ‘p’ means it includes portrait for player):

1. Chris Richard (p), Chris Hunter(cf,p), Reggie Williams (p), Lester Hudson (cf,p), Marcus Landry (cf,p), Wesley Matthews (cf,p), Sundiata Gaines (cf,p) – (already added by 2k)
2. Garrett Temple (cf,p)
3. Curtis Jerrells (p)
4. Kenny Hasbrouck (p)
5. Alonzo Gee (cf, p)
6. Marcus Haislip (cf, p)
7. Othyus Jeffers(p)
8. Mike Harris (p)
9. Mustafa Shakur (p)
10. Cedric Jackson (p)
11. Alade Aminu (p)
12. Will Conroy (p)
13. Earl Barron (cf,p)
14. Brian Butch (p)

Other players with added portrait and cf: Dante Cunningham, Jeff Pendergraph, Patrick Mills, Ricky Rubio, Patrick Beverley, Nick Calathes, Goran Suton, Jack McClinton, Robert Vaden, Linas Kleiza, Bruce Bowen, Brent Barry, Tyronn Lue, Bobby Jackson, Roko Ukic, Marko Jaric, Speedy Claxton, Matt Harpring

Other FA: Nando De Colo, Fran Vazquez, Josh Childress, Sergio Llull, Juan Carlos Navarro, Henk Norel

Ex All-Stars: Michael Jordan x2 (80’s east, 90’s east, cf), Spud Webb, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (cf), John Stockton (cf), Reggie Miller (cf), Anfernee Hardaway (cf), Gary Payton (cf), Chris Webber, Charles Barkley (cf) – ALL WITH PORTRAITS

I hope I didn’t forget anyone.. That’s over 40 more players if you compare it to 2k roster.

5. Darnell Jackson assigned to Milwaukee Bucks, Cartier Martin assigned to Washington Wizards, Dwayne Jones assigned to Phoenix Suns, Joey Dorsey to Toronto, B.Butch to Denver, Rob Kurz to Chicago (James waived), Landry waived from Boston

6. Kobe Bryant, Manu Ginobili new contracts included!!

7. Added every player his shoe from available ones, but if you want complete package you can use whatever shoe patch you want..


This time, there ISN’T ‘Cfs and accessories V1,V2,V3’. I figured thats too much trouble for everyone to download..
So the new concept is this. What you MUST download, is ‘Required additional files’ and thats all..
If you already had additional files from previous versions, then you don’t have to download even that.
After you did that, only thing thats left is new ‘Missing CFs’, that includes cyberfaces for D-League players listed above.
When you download and open those files, you will notice that every .iff file has a name of the players to who it belongs. When you are copying it to your 2k10 folder, just delete that name which will leave the name of the file just png—-.iff..

I also added ‘Optional additional files’ which are optional.. NBA 2K10 Playoffs Rosters Released You can download them if you want, but you don’t have to.. They include players and accessories like sleeves and other.. If you don’t download them, then you will have to for example add DWade or DHoward sleeve yourself..

And last thing, for all those portraits that are included in this release, download Mr.Xcitement96’s portraits patch..

That’s all folks, enjoy the best roster so far!

P.S. This is most likely my last roster update for NBA 2k10. Thanks everyone for the support.. Cheers!

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