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NBA 2K10 Review (PS3)

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Although EA Sports has held the crown for most sports games, the NBA 2K series has still been the gold standard when it comes to basketball simulation. With excellent presentation values, solid on and off court play (thanks to its franchise mode) and an incredibly rich amount of features, 2K has frequently held off its competitors, who have lagged behind with disappointing installments in the past. With the ten year anniversary of the franchise slated for this year, 2K Sports had more of a reason to maintain their dominance. Plus, with Sony’s first party game taking a year off in the development leagues and NBA Live raising the level of its game, the burden was on them to prove why their game was the best around. Fortunately, NBA 2K10 will not disappoint fans of the series, even with some annoying problems that can try your patience.

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NBA 2K10 Review (PS3)

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