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NBA 2K10 TNT Camera Tool

February 14th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

From: http://nba2k.moddingway.com/news/935.html

We have received emails and comments warning that some users were not able to patch their executables. We have noticed that this executables are different to the ones we use to test this tool. So, we are fixing the tool to make it fully compatible with any executable file. Also we noticed that this camera patch seems not to be working with all resolutions and we are trying to find out what?s going on. But be sure we are working on an update for this tool.

Thanks to larrylicker we are able to enjoy a new camera for NBA 2K10. Check out the video. This is the original Broadcast camera fixed to be similar to TNT camera. We have just developed small tool that patches your exe in order to play with this new camera. Please give us feedback about this tool posting comments and suggestions in this post. Click on read more to check out some comparison screens. Read Carefully the Read Me included in the file.


NBA 2K10 TNT Camera Tool

NBA 2K10 TNT Camera Tool

Video Preview:

Download: http://downloads.moddingway.com/file/2129.html

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