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NBA 2K11 Expanded Playcall System

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Hey guys,
Rob Jones, here again. Please take the time to read over my previous Insight, Enhanced Control if you haven’t already. One of the things that we heavily discussed at the beginning of the year was how to individualize teams in such a way that the experience playing each one felt different. Last year, the focus was on the individual’s Player Tendencies. We wanted to recreate each player in their own likeness when they had control of the ball (and where they liked to move and receive it).

The part of the plan we failed to properly execute was to have enough plays created for each team/player that would really bring these tendencies to light. We had about eighty plays across all of the NBA’s thirty teams. While we tried to create play sets and styles that reflected each team, we really didn’t have the bandwidth or scouting that would allow us to really mimic what each coach did.

I am proud to say that this is NOT the case in NBA 2K11. Each team in our game runs their own plays, for their own signature players, in a way that truly reflects the most amazing sport out there.

NBA 2K11 Expanded Playcall System

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