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Who will be on NBA 2K11 Cover? Michael Jordan?

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Who will be on NBA 2K11 Cover? Michael Jordan?

Sports network ESPN has reported that Jordan will grace the cover of 2K Sports’ industry leading basketball franchise this October. Jordan – the greatest basketball player of all time – hasn’t been in many basketball video games due to his individual licensing demands. Signing with 2K11 represents a major coup for the series, and publisher 2K Sports has shown in the past with All-Pro Football that it is willing to go and grab individual deals with legends of Jordan’s caliber. ESPN speculates that 2K Sports might try and grab some of Jordan’s also-retired teammates on the Bulls, perhaps setting the stage for some kind of special mode within the game. Whether this is a multi-year deal or a one-time affair is unknown.(Via)

While rumors pegged LeBron James, Derrick Rose and even Tyreke Evans as favorites to appear on the cover of “NBA 2K11,” multiple sources have told ESPN that the company has gone in a completely different direction, signing basketball legend Michael Jordan as its new spokesman.

This will be the first time that a former player will appear on the front of the box for 2K, and with Jordan taking over majority ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats, it will also be the first time that a team owner will endorse the popular franchise.

But the real question is, what value — beyond obvious name and iconic image recognition — will Jordan bring to the game? In the era of Kobe and King James, are gamers still yearning to “Be Like Mike”?

(More: http://espn.go.com/espn/thelife/videogames/blog/_/name/thegamer/id/5222964/jordan-grace-nba-2k11-cover?readmore=fullstory)

Who will be on NBA 2K11 Cover? Michael Jordan?

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