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MLB Thingy

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From EA-Mods


What it does:

    It installs textures into iff files

    It installs *.ROS files

    It converts images to DDS

Files it will accepts:

Main App:

    .rar compressed archive (Winrar)

    .zip compressed archive (pkzip)

    .7z compressed archive (7zip)

    .kraw MLB-Thingy script file

    .DDS A DDS image (special name format needed)

    .ROS MLB 2k9 roster file

Helper App:

    .tga TARGA File Format

    .bmp bitmap File Format

    .png Portable Network Graphics


You do not need NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9, Which means you do not have to agree to allow your mods to be posted on a warez site

NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9 fubars some iff files*

You do not have to release a whole iff file for a mod:

    This will save bandwidth on downloads

    Your mod will only update what you modded, with a complete IFF file if a user has some mods already in that file they will lose them


    NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9 accepts PNG, BMP, & DDS files, but it converts PNG & BMP files (100% of the time) to a DDS file before adds it to the iff file (it also reconverts DDS files close to %50 of the time for some reason)

    DDS file converted by NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9 are not good quality DDS files, nvdxt.exe does they best job I’ve seen at creating DDS files


You have to know the offset for the DDS

You have to be able to create your own DDS files (use built in helper App)

You have to use MLB-Thingy


The 1st time you launch the program it will ask for the location of you MLB 2k9 install

When using a compressed archive your script file needs to be named MLB-Thingy.kraw, subfolders NOT support. DDS files and MLB-Thingy.kraw need to be in the root of the archive

MLB-Thingy Script file uses standard ini layout

sample stardard ini



sample .kraw script



















SectionName is the MLB 2k9 file that will be modded

Total value is required, total number up dds files for said MLB 2k9 file

basex is the DDS file name

offsetx is the offset (look at the status bar on IFF_Editor_Beta9 it will give you the offset)

You can list as many MLB 2k9 files as you wish in the script

Each MLB 2k9 file can have any number of DDS files to be installed

The maximum supported size of an script file is 64KB. The maximum size of an individual section is 32KB, I do not think you can reach those limits

MLB-Thingy will auto decompress any IFF it needs to install a dds into.

MLB-Thingy will also accept a single DDS file as long as it follows the correct name scheme

scheme as follows


1st part uniform_tbr_away~iff, is the file the mod is to be installed with the . changed to a ~

– is required between the 1st and 2nd parts

2nd part 0x602404 is the offset where the mod needs to be installed

3rd part .dds

Progress bars, 1st one is overall the 2nd it for each MLB 2k9 file

MLB Thingy

HELPER APP included when ran in expert mode

MLB Thingy

MLB Thingy

It just converts tga, bmp, or png files to a DDS file

select DXT1 or DXT5 and how many mipmaps you want

ROSTER files

Select a .ROS file, the program will then read your registry for the “…\Application Data\2K Sports\MLB 2K9\Saves” folder and copy the .ROS file to that folder

* For example gamedata.iff, when you replace image #786 it also replaces #326 with a mipmap of #786

Getting the info you need, right now this is the easiest way (unless you are real handy with a hex editor). I will start a wiki so we can map out all IFF files, that way NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9 will not be needed in any way

Load IFF in NBA/MLB 2K9 IFF Editor Beta9, locate image you are editing and look at the status bar

MLB Thingy

Purple is the offset, Blue is the DDS type

Download Link: http://www.eamods.com/index.php/Start-download/MLB2K9/1201-MLB-Thingy.html

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